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Enteric Coated Aspirin NSAID - Low Dose

Enteric Coated Aspirin NSAID - Low Dose

Code: SWT001

CategoryNew Products
Type81 mg 360 Tabs

• Enteric coated for ease on stomach
• Slow release aspirin
• 81 mg per tablet

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Value: € 13.44
Discount: 20.00%


€ 2.69
* Shipped From European Union
  • Detailed Description

Need a low-dose aspirin? Many customers asked us to carry this, so we added this OTC item just for you! Our enteric-coated aspirin provides a slow release of aspirin that's also easy on the stomach. You'll get the same low potency per tablet. Plus, you'll be able to purchase it with all of your other health products from us!

Size: 81 mg 360 Tabs


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